Red Antique Kimono Silk Lampshade


Red Antique Kimono Silk Lampshade

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Kimono Silk Lamps - East & West, old and new, tradition and modernity. These opulent antique silks taken from historic kimonos contrast with western design. Every piece is unique, so the lamps are for the individualist with an eye for the truly extraordinary.


Antique Kimono fabric sourced from Japan decoupaged onto an oversized standard lampshade.  Trimmed with a 2” beaded trim.


This is for the Standard Lamp shade only.  

We can also supply this as a standard lamp which comes with a Red wooden standard lamp base which has been decoupaged in parts with the Kimono fabric and includes the lamp shade.  Please see our store for the appropiate standard lamp.


The actual shape of the shade may differ slightly from this image. All will be at least 20" wide at the base and suitable for a standard lamp.


If you require a specific shape or size or require different colourways, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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