Libby Silk Scarf Chair


Libby Silk Scarf Chair

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The Libby chair is part of our Couture range. 

The couture range is a collection of individual pieces that are all hand crafted using only the finest antique fabrics. The range includes cushions, lamps, mirrors and seating with no two pieces ever the same. Style luxury and individualism epitomise this range. 

The Libby chair seen here, is a beautiful  example of a very cute 1950's boudoir chair that has been creatively transformed using two Liberty of London silk scarves for the seat and backrest. Pleated gold silk adds interest and vitality to the back and sides of the chair whilst the warm vanilla legs add elegance and style. This is a truly bespoke and unique piece handcrafted in the UK using traditional methods. 

We have a wide range of wonderful antique silk scarves and furniture in many different styles.


This chair is in stock and available for immediate delivery.

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